OVF Studio is a London-based fashion brand providing a contemporary alternative to traditional tailoring and standard sizing. We combine cutting-edge technology with artisanal craftsmanship to create convenient and affordable access to beautiful, bespoke garments. 

Standard sizing is built on the false premise that we are all proportionally similar, meaning we all struggle to find clothes that fit our bodies well. Ready-to-wear brands mass produce clothing in these standard sizes in an attempt to appeal to the masses, but the reality is that most brands send tons of unsold goods and ill-fitting returns to be dumped in landfills around the world.

The alternative is to purchase garments tailored to your body. Some made-to-measure brands require you to submit measurements online. This relies on the consumer measuring themselves with what they personally have available, as well as locating their chest, waist, hips etc. exactly where the brand would if they were to be measured in person. This creates a high probability of error and, similar to standard sizing, reduces the complex nature of our bodies to a set of limited dimensions. For designs that only require simple tailoring this is probably fine, but it doesn't work for the wide range of styles we love. 

Other made-to-measure brands offer an in-house tailoring experience. They are able to capture a much larger range of measurements more accurately, and can offer more complicated tailoring. This process, however, is labour intensive, lengthy, and requires the customer to be available for multiple in-person fittings, with an inflated price tag to match. 

We blend fashion and technology to create bespoke tailoring which is both convenient and affordable, whilst still capturing the complexity and uniqueness of each customer's body. We have launched a collection of suits, the designs of which are inspired by some of the most notorious suits throughout fashion history: The high-waisted, trouser suit favoured by Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn, the feminine tapered waist and flared hem of ‘Le Smoking’ jacket by Yves St Laurent, the wide lapelled white trouser suit worn by Bianca Jagger, and the broad shoulder of the Giorgio Armani jacket worn by Grace Jones on the cover for her album ‘Nightclubbing.’

Why a suit? The history of fashion is always intertwined with the progress and culture of development in society. From the late 1800’s to the 1990’s, the suit became a uniform and an emblem for women's emancipation from sexist legislation. The fight for women to be allowed the right to wear trousers is synonymous with their fight for respect, authority and equality. A tailored suit perfectly encapsulates and celebrates all of the ways in which women’s bodies are unique - something that many brands and standard sizing systems fail to do. We are using our suits and technological approach to make bespoke tailoring more commonplace, reminding our customers that clothes are meant to fit you, not the other way around.

We ask you to take a 10 second 3D body scan of yourself using a mobile phone, guide you through designing your bespoke suit, and aim to deliver the final product within 4-6 weeks. Please see the 'How It Works' section on the homepage to read about the process in more detail.

Get in touch and we'll start creating your bespoke suit together.